The Dog Lovers

My name is Landon Smyth, and I am a dog trainer and breeder living in Philadelphia.

I have been a dog lover all of my life, due in large part to my father, who was a dog trainer for the U.S. customs agency as well as a trainer of handlers at Langley, VA at the C.I.A. headquarters.

My father began his training career in the U.S.A.F after a couple of years in college, so there have always been dogs in my life, particularly large breed dogs.

I am starting this dog for others, like myself, who love big dogs and are interested in the many breeds that we are blessed with worldwide.

I will feature a different breed of dog from various places in the world with each post, while occasionally throwing in some tips on how to treat your big buddy and make the most of the time he or she is with you.